vegan burgers and vegan icecream doughnut

22 Jan

london 6pm 8C wednesday 2020

earlier i went to shoreditch for the free halo vegan burger. quite a queue even when i arrived at about half hour before it opened. i had eaten a halo burger before, when they first opened their first branch in brixton. then it was very nice, because they had time to cook it properly , there being not many in the queue. it was their first branch opening. and it had that nice singed appearance. this time, the queue was so long, that they did not have the time to cook it to that state. so it was not so nice as before. i did not take any pictures of it. and i noticed it was very salty. it came with fresh tomato and onions and gherkin, and i have to say i much enjoyed the fresh veg in it rather than the actual mashed up vegan burger. 

then because it was nearby i went to the ben and jerry icecream offer of a vegan doughnut topped with an icecream. no queue there. there were mostly women sitting inside eating their freebie, only one man there and he had finished and just fiddling with his laptop. i could not finish the doughnut, it was very substantial. they had 3 other branches doing the same thing, giving out these free doughnuts, but i was too full to go to them to get another one. the icecream was vegan too, cant say i notice any thing different about it, it was not so creamy as a ordinary icecream. 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

i did remember to get a pic of it.

i was so full after the doughnut, i just did not feel like eating anything, even after our circuit training and my friend treated me to a drink at simit sarayi. i decided to have tea , instead of american coffee, i thought it might be a lighter drink. and refused him his offer of a cake. i was just too full. well, now i got the chance to compare a vegan burger with a chicken burger, i can say i like the chicken much better. no contest really. 

added. 7.44pm 8C. home

i was thinking of that long queue to get the vegan burger, and it was snaking across a shop selling indian vege dishes like byriani, and dhal with rice, and rice dishes with two curries, etc, and i was thinking when i was looking at the menu that those dishes are really very nice vegan dishes, and yet no one was queueing to buy them. they cost only £4. unlike these burgers costing £9.5

0.what is going on really. indian curries like these are vegetarian long before the veggie craze started and yet they dont get much publicity nor attention. instead we get these burgers with processed paste made from vegetables, or soya or gluten and people go crazy over them… whilst indian veggie dishes are delicious because they got spices and herbs in them, which lifts the taste up from what is basically a very tasteless vegetarian bases. it is a fact that vegetables just do not have any tastes, esp so once you cooked them. eaten raw they might have a very subtle taste but definitely that disappears when u cook them. they pick up whatever tastes they have from the herbs and additions that u put in with them. 


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