cleaning my flat and lee child

24 Jan

london 2.34pm 7C rain friday 2020

i have been spending the time doing cleaning , seeing this is chinese new year eve and i haven’t been cleaning the flat for ages. and i dont mean just the common parts, but that part of the room just by my bed, my side of it, that corner have never been cleaned for so long, i have forgotten when i last cleaned it. so there is alot of dust there.

it is high time i got rid of all that , and now it is nice and clean. and while i am in the mood, i set about cleaning the rest of the flat, the lounge and hallway, especially so everything is now quite neat and clean.

dust seem to accummulate so easily, so that i wish i got a feather duster. i had the chance to get one long ago, but decided not to and i kind of regret it now. it is not easy to find feather dusters in charity shops, i wonder why. they are brilliant for hiding the dust, as u can sweep the tops of furniture with it and sweep the dust to the ground and so they dont become so obvious lying on top of shelves and tables etc, and lampshades looking so obviously dusty.

as it is , i have to use a wet sponge, and it really makes the dust all cloggy, as they make clumps and you have to wash them off and they then clog up the sink hole. you could ask why dont i just use the vacuum cleaner, they have an attachment that u can use to sweep the tops of furniture , but simon lost ours long ago, and so i dont have that attachment, which is the reason why i have not cleaned that corner of my bedroom for ages.

with the attachment i can clean that corner without moving furniture, as it is i had to move the locker and chair this time , and that is quite a bother, hence i have been putting it off. anyway it is done now so maybe i wont need to clean that for another 10 yrs, haha.

and i have been doing the laundry too, the bedsheets, duvet, etc, and our clothes which have filled up a whole big laundry basket. but it is easy to do laundry as the machine does all the work. i have to do two loads. 

and i found that i have missed going to the free food giveaway at covent gdn at 12.30pm today. it is made from food that are too misshapen  or weird looking so that they cannot be sold at supermarkets, so this company does them and give the cooked food to charity… ah well, nevermind really, because it is all vegetarian, and i find i dont mind missing out on that. 

i have been reading books by lee child, his john reacher novels. i have heard of him of course and recently he was in the news about him passing on the baton to his brother, letting him write the novels now.

simon says he has a formula, and the stories all follow the same story line, but i have read one, it is the first book by him that i have read, and it is one of his  john reacher novels, and i do find it rather good.

it is very suspenseful and full of action, and quite interesting plotlines too…. and they are very easy reads, and he writes well, so that u are pulled along to read more and more wanting to find out how it goes, even though of course you know that john reacher will win in the end. 

i am reading them via a ebook format, and they are very suitable for that format, as i can read them offline, so whenever i am in a place where i cannot get online, i can get into them and  have something to read.  the first novel i read is called ’61 hours’, and this one i am reading is called ‘bad luck and trouble’. at the moment i find them very unusual, but i guess once i read more and more i wonder if i shall get a bit bored with the same action and writing style. who knows. but he have been going on for a long time, churning them out and they are still being read, so maybe it can get addictive….



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