26 Jan

london 5.16pm 9C rain sunday 2020


some shots of the chinese new year event in trafalfar square. i am glad they have these big screens because it was not easy to see them, over the heads of the crowd. the square was not crowded because they were controlling the crowd coming in at two stations at the north end, whilst the two southern end supposedly for exit only, was clear and they let people in, and that was how i entered. later, i strolled through chinatown area and saw there were other activities going on in the streets around the area. so the crowds were quite dispersed with no one spot being overly concentrated.

in the past, you cannot get into trafalgar square, it was so crowded , but this year, i noticed i could get in quite easily, and the square did not look crowded. at first, i thought it was a deliberate strategy, to keep people waiting to enter, even though the square was not full, and thereby hoping that many will wander off to chinatown and see the street entertainment in and around there, and not cram everyone into the square; . i was puzzled by that when i saw them not letting people in, even though the square was not full, and i think in normal years, it would have paid off, because the square is a magnet for people , but this year, people were leaving the square and so there was plenty of room for others.   i think this year the numbers must have fallen too, because by 2pm, the entrance points were all open without any need to queue. 

also the forecast was for rain, at about 2pm, and it did start to rain quite heavily. that might deter people from lingering around the area. by then, i was allready at the virgin lounge entrance, to meet ian, glad that i had arranged to meet him at that time,  so i can bring him in to the lounge as my guest. it closed at 4pm, so we did not have much time to chat, but it was enough. it was getting dark by then, the rain clouds brought the darkness down earlier before the sun had truly set.

not sure why but i thought  the mood was quite subdued , the MC found it hard to get any enthusiastic response from the crowd. maybe people were thinking of the virus that is sweeping china. or there was not much of a crowd, and that might affect the atmosphere as the larger the crowd the better response you get from people. 

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