home made roast duck

30 Jan

london 4.36pm 12C cloudy thursday 2020

i am sitting at home with a duck in the oven to roast. i saw asda selling it for £6.50, 2kg , reduced from £7.50. it was on their website online and i saw it yesterday night. and it was still there this morning when i recheck it. thursday is the day when they change their promotions, so it is possible all these offers will be gone today and new ones put in place; and i went there this morning and  saw only 3 packs on the shelf selling at the advertised price.  so i bought two, i am freezing the one and cooking the other. its quite a nice price. and i must have got there early and at the start of the promotion, seeing there  were only 3 packs . perhaps they will refill the shelf, but it was a very small area of shelf they reserve for the ducks. i think this time of year there are not a lot of ducks for sale. perhaps there is no demand for duck, that would explain them reducing the price.

i was craving duck, after tasting those at the chinese new year buffet at that casino. i am giving it 2hrs to cook. quite a long time. i dont think the duck will come out like the ones they sell in chinatown. those are rather special , quite difficult to replicate them. i think i will be happy if they come out just roasted, the skin will be crispy and the meat will have the duck flavour. 


KODAK Digital Still Camera

added 6.12pm

KODAK Digital Still Camera

it took slightly less than 2hrs, simon took it out as he said he did not want it too overdone. he would prefer if the meat is a bit pink, but i like it done without pink bits. i think the flavour comes out better if it is all done.

its quite nice.   it shows how much it gets shrunken after cooking. raw it looked quite big, but once cooked it seem to have gotten smaller. even so, there was quite a lot leftover for us to have another helping next day. and it might be even better tasting after a day or so. 

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