31 Jan

london 6.43pm rain 12C friday 2020

i was on the way out to get the bus to the tesco supermarket for the late night bargains , when i saw it was raining quite hard, and decided not to go. it must have just started, because just a short time before, i looked out of the window and it was not raining. also the bus 88 which comes near my flat is not running, because of some demonstration or other at parliament square, not sure if it is due to celebrations by leavers , or counter demonstrations by remainers, because tonight we are leaving the EU at 11pm. so all in all, i decided not to bother going out. it looks like everyone is going to get a soaking tonight haha.

earlier in the day, i went to pret to get their free vegan brioche, so that was good. it was not raining at 3pm, and i went to two of their branches near each other and got two , and came back to eat them with my coffee. there is another 3rd branch also near me, but i decided i have eaten enough. haha. it was rather good actually, even if it is vegan. i think that means it is made with vegetable oil instead of with butter. 

today i got a john lewis voucher, it came in the post, for a free coffee and cake. it is valid for 3months. so it looked like they are giving me one every 3 months.

today is a historic moment we are at, leaving the EU and striking out on our own. it is going back to the past when brits are masters of their own destiny, but 47 yrs under the EU, has made everyone gotten a nanny mentality, being used to nanny taking care of us. everyone has lost the art of governing ourselves, leaving all that to the EU civil servants, so that there is no one who knows those things here in uk. all the old hands that know how to be experts at it, have retired or died. hope the people who we have now learn the ropes fast. but there is an upside, that the red tape can be abolished. the trouble with bureaucrats is that they like rules and regulations too much. so now that we dont have so many of these bureaucrats, or put another way, we dont have any experience of imposing rules, we might be able to get rid of them. i am thinking of that strange rule about straight bananas. we will be well rid of it, i think. 

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