fried chicken shops

7 Feb

london 6.52pm 8C dry friday 2020

businesses are still opening new stores, because i just got back from eating free chicken wings , given by this company wingshack, in clerkenwell. 6 wings , usually about £6. but free tonight because they are opening tonight. they are so new, they dont even have their name above the shop, that was why i went up and down the street trying to find them. haha. i was looking for the queue, but there was not any. later i found out they were all inside. and the front door was closed. i was early though, they are supposed to open at 6pm.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

these are their fried chickens. it would be nice if they are whole wings, but they are just half wings. they are salty. though if u put some ketchup on them, the saltiness goes away. the sweet seem to swamp the salty and neutralise it. 

its nice to get these freebies, i think everything that is free is nice, haha. so it belies those who say nothing in life is free, or those who say if it is free it cannot be any good.

when i arrived i saw the others are allready there, so they told me what to do. make my choice of 5 items on the menu, and go and order them from the man at the desk. just as well they told me all that otherwise i wont know what to do and be waiting to be served. haha. i got my food and was eating it when suddenly the queue formed outside and it began to be busy. 

i hear somewhere, or is it my imagination,  that chicken shops form the biggest food places in london. i would not be surprised if it is the biggest all over the uk. it is strange too because chicken is so cheap if u buy it from the supermarket and also so easy to cook yourself and so many styles that u can cook it in. so why would anyone go out and buy them cooked in shops that sell only chicken is a mystery to me. i dont recall anywhere else in the world do they have so many chicken shops, selling just chicken. only in london i think, or only in the uk.

in europe, what i can remember when i used to visit it more often then, (that was like 10yrs ago) they only sell chicken as rotisserie chicken. 

added. i found this article saying london is the chicken capital of the world, and asking if coffee vs chicken shops is a way of finding out if a neighbourhood is gentrifying, or gently frying. haha.


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