free pizza and cheap chicken

9 Feb

london 3.17pm 13C rain sunday 2020. paddington library


quite a busy morning, and afternoon. earlier i was at a pub having a free pizza. that is the one in the picture, very nice it is too, italian sausage with mozzarella cheese and a vegetable that is delicious, but i dont know what the vegetable  is called. it tasted like those dried salted vegetables which we chinese like. it was not listed in the menu. added. i went into their website to look up the menu, and find that wild brocolli was listed as one of the ingredients. so that was the wild brocolli that i tasted. it is lovely, but more for how it tasted as one of those salted chinese veg that you can buy in chinatown chinese grocery stores.

today is supposed to be pizza day, hence the free pizza. they want us to book a table, so i did, even though it is only for me. later i saw 3 others, all women, booking a table for one too. two of them sat at the tables next to me and we got chatting and found out that we know each other, by sight. because we met when we went to a freebie in a south london cafe opening, which provided a lovely buffet of food and free coffee. 

i thought we are only allowed to have a slice of pizza, but they gave us each a whole pizza. quite a lot of dough in this pizza and i was so full after eating half of it, that i decided to wrap the rest in the napkin and pop it into my bag. i wished i had packed an empty container. but napkins can do just as well.

as i told my next table friend, i am sure i shall enjoy it more when i eat it again when i am more hungry.

the pub was near the paddington library so i went there afterwards, but before that i popped into the waitrose nearby on the way. and there i was just in time to catch the cart full of reduced food that they were dragging out. so that was why  i got a whole large fresh chicken for £1.79, and chicken goujons for 99p. i picked up the goujons before i saw the chicken, and forgot to return the goujons. haha. anyway, i like goujons too. they are very easy to eat, because they are cooked allready.

after writing that, i began to have doubts about it being cooked, and had a good look at the instructions, and found that i have to cook them. they are just breaded, and not cooked. ah well … they are not as good value as the fresh chicken. the chicken was a large one usually £4.75 ,(about 2kg i think) whilst these goujons are 540mg £4.95 usually.  but contain only 57% of chicken. just goes to show if it is processed, it costs a lot more. 

anyway as i paid for them at the till i gave the cashier my waitrose card so i can get a free coffee. it is really good of them to carry on giving us free coffee. i always carry a reuseable cup with me, because they dont supply cups anymore.

 its been raining today, london now is being hit by the storm they have been warning us about. the girl at the next table in the pub told me that when she was coming to the pub from the tube station , she saw a fence have been blown down by the wind. i did not see any destruction, only effect i experienced was my umbrella occasionally being blown inside out. 

8.28pm 11C windy .

added. i saw a article just now saying a tree fell down near victoria station. and when i looked and saw the video of it, i can recognise it is a  tree  near  the victoria library. the library is closed today because it is sunday . glad no one was injured by the tree. must be a fierce wind. 

added. 1.59pm 10.2.20 monday 9C

saw this picture in today’s paper about the tree that fell near the victoria library. 


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