best film oscar for parasite

10 Feb

london 2.02pm 9C rain monday 2020 victoria library.



more free food today. this time in villiers st, near trafalgar square. no quota on this offer, all day till stocks last. it is boneless too, 5 pieces with a sauce. given by thunderbirds. password is love me tenders. the gang were all there, having eaten or waiting for their takeaway. i decided to eat in. there was no queue, but then it was early about 11.30am and the office lunch hour hasnot arrived. so much chicken to eat now. i still have got that fresh chicken and goujons that i bought yesterday at waitrose and have to cook it today. 

yesterday night i caught the beginning of the live update on the oscars ceremony. this morning i read that parasite the south korean film took best picture. quite a surprise upset as everyone expected 1917 to win.  people have been saying the oscars have not any other races nominated and so showed no diversity, but i think by voting a foreign film,(and for a asian film) in another language other than english, for best picture, the highest accolade they can give to any film, they might be able to put a lie to that. a win will beat any number of nominations that never win. it is not the quantity but the quality. right? asians are very rarely represented or nominated, nevermind winning. even now , parasite has none of its actors being nominated for best actor or supporting actor. i have not seen parasite, but from what i gather, it has a rather horrific ending. it is a class war between poor and rich. its all a fiction of course, because so far there is no outright animosity between rich and poor for the poor to take it out on the rich in such a horrible fashion. 

of course if it is real life, the poor will most probably rob them. there is no reason to kill them or subject them to torture, just because they are richer than you. but that is drama right. think of the most outlandish scenario and double it, and you have a film… which can even win best picture oscar. i think there is something weird about us human beings who like to imagine such bad action scenarios and play it out in films. and what is more, there are all those who want to see such films… like people all slowing down to see a horrific accident on the road hoping to see some dead bodies littering the street and maybe even see body parts. its horrid really, i would hate to see anything like that, but there you are, there is no lack of people who like to see such things, and films cater to them…

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