11 Feb

london 5.25pm 7C cloudy tuesday 2020

8.29pm 6C.

its peaceful here in london. we never did get any of the stormy effects that storm ciara inflicted up north. london hardly get any of the bad weather that seems to ravage the rest of the country. it seems to nestle in a oasis of calm amongst all the mayhem.

the rest of the world seem to be in turmoil from this coronavirus. i read of this cruise ship being refused docking in thailand, so that the passengers cannot  get off and fly back to their country. even though the ship has no one aboard showing any symptoms.added 3.50pm 13.2.20 thursday. the cruise ship 

thailand is panicking obviously, but everyone in those affected countries are fearful now.

here so far no one i see around me are wearing facemasks. i doubt the facemasks make any difference, but then most people will clutch at straws to avoid being infected.

for those in the infected countries it must be real difficult to know what will keep the virus away… so might as well play safe and wear a facemask, and wash the hands, and avoid crowds.

i hope it will stay away from london this virus, and they find a cure before it gets too widespread. 

added. 3.45am, 3C. dry wednesday 12.2.20

woke up thinking about my friend from usa , supposed to come visit london in march. and me thinking maybe he shouldn’t, what with the corona virus rampanting about here.

so far , it is quite contained, in brighton mostly, but who knows what will happen, with the warnings that it will escalate before it gets better.

i think my friend’s visit is for leisure, so not really vital, and my feeling is better not go travelling away from your own country for now. so i wrote him an email to tell him maybe better not come till the virus blows away. 



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