people, do more staycations and not fly so much.

12 Feb

london 7.40pm 6C dry wednesday 2020

my american friend, who is really british, and have lived a long time in florida, replied my email asking him not to come to london by saying he had allready decided not to visit uk, the reason being   his sister in law died last week. she lived in uk, and he is really grieving for her and does not feel like travelling anywhere. at least that is the excuse he is giving to his friends in uk for not coming as planned. perhaps it is a diplomatic excuse rather than saying he is not coming because of the virus. maybe he is afraid people might get offended if he said that. but whatever, the upshot is that  he is not coming to uk, which is a good thing i think. i pointed out to him that the big danger is not that he gets infected, but that usa might not let him in even if he is not, when he returns, giving the excuse that he is not american, and he is coming from an infected area. which will happen if there are more cases crops up in uk  whilst he is here. 

my own feelings about all this travel abroad for fun is that it might be better if everyone dont bother to do so much leisure air travel but stick to  staycations in their own country. but then, it will be a big blow to the tourist industry if everyone follows me. the uk have decided to allow travellers from china to come here, and that means we got our 9th coronavirus patient … just reported admitted to st thomas hospital, a recent  arrival from china. 

but i only have to think of  that superseeder guy who caught the virus when he went to a conference in singapore and then he goes to france for a skiing holiday and infected 5others, one of whom went on to mallorca and another, the owner of the chalet, who is a doctor came back and treated patients, and it snowballed from there so that all in all he infected 11 people, so i wish he would not be such a big traveller and stay at home. though now i come to think of it, we still allow foreigners from china to travel into the country… so no point restricting our own people from travelling all over the world .

so far the disease have killed a lot of people in china but only 2 3 4 outside it. so people might be lured into a feeling that even if they got it, it wont kill them. in fact, if that superseeder is any indication, they wont even suffer any big illness from it. 

i dont recall the sars spread was so widespread. i guess because the SARS killed them very quickly, so that none of them goes on travelling and gave no symptoms and  were able to spread the virus about widely before they themselves got symptoms and even so it seems they recovered, like that superseeder. so it seems the infections outside china were from a not so lethal strain.

 i have been thinking why that person from china with the virus have not infected the whole plane load of people she was travelling with on the way to uk. and that superseeder, how come he did not infect that plane load he was in on his way back to uk. the virus spread seems very selective, which just goes to show no one knows why one person gets infected and another next to him or her did not. sounds like pot luck (or unluck if u like) really whether u get infected or not.

added. and what of singapore you might ask. this article discusses it rather well and gives us a deeper understanding of it. 


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