the general public here in london where i am seem to be calm about it

14 Feb

london 5.07pm 11C cloudy friday 2020

supposed to be valentine’s day today. i dont know anyone who celebrates it. there is one freebie, given by a cafe in nottinghill for lovelorn people who have been stood up, or have not got anyone to celebrate it with;  and i had thought of going to it, but they only give out 50 from when they open at 8am, and i am too lazy to go there so early. its quite a good breakfast, and if i were to live near there i might trouble myself to go, but in the end, even though i woke quite early , i was too lazy to go.

 there have been more new developments about the virus, this time involving air arrivals at heathrow, all the passengers being detained delayed, they were all sent off the plane after a short wait; due to one person in each plane developing symptoms which they think might be due to the coronavirus. the report says 8 airplanes were involved. so it must create quite a lot of mayhem in heathrow if there is all this delay… but it is interesting that all the other passengers were allowed to leave. so where is the testing of all the others to make sure they are not infected? i think it just goes to emphasise and convince everyone if they still need convincing, just dont fly if u can help it. 

anyway i have been out and about, around victoria, and clapham junction and my home and i dont see anyone or activity showing any worries about this virus . on the surface, people here seem very calm about it, with things being  normal. no one wearing masks either.

the supermarket i went to, the asda in clapham junction is busy as usual and normal. no one is hoarding and stocking up as far as i can see. and there is no reason to stock up either. 

it seems to me that the virus we are getting outside china is very mild, so i wonder if it might not be better to just let it go and infect everyone, and help build up immunity worldwide. and let it just become like any other flu. 

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