very peaceful london

16 Feb

12.59pm 9C rain paddington library. sunday 2020

it is a very nice day, even if it is raining now. the storm dennis , if this is it, seems rather nondescript in london. but it seems elsewhere in uk it is creating havoc. but i am of the philosophy that if it does not affect me, it is unimportant. so there!! not worth bothering myself about it. haha.

and so that is my view also of the coronavirus. it is not affecting anything in london and seemingly all the world except china, so i shall not be bothered with worrying about it. so there!! you will get any number of dire predictions, and forecast of doom and gloom, by so called experts about the storm dennis, and the coronovirus, and i read somewhere about the earth being on a colliding course  with an asteroid or two… it was some time ago, i wonder what happened to it. so by now i hope most people, if not all, would learn to discount what these so called experts say.

 nowadays there is no one who have the authority of knowing anything, so no one can be believed anymore in whatever they have to say about anything. so just put your mind at ease and forget that the world is going to end soon, or life as we know it to end. 

there is nothing of excitement in london now, in my life or in the life of the capital city. so maybe that is why the newspapers are just reporting on speculations and what may be and future hysterical outcomes.

nothing much happening now. and i am glad of it. haha. for me, it is so quiet, even the library has no books that i want to borrow. it really is that bad. the only book i could find is in the online library, and it is a georgette heyer book , the grand sophy, which is rather good. i like her books but have not read this one, so it is a nice treat. it is a real old book, written in 1950. its a pity we dont get any books written like this anymore. everything now is so politically correct, i cannot think of any book now that dares to write about any controversial subjects anymore. 

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