new £20 note to be issued 20.2.20

18 Feb

london 7.59am, 5C cloudy tuesday 2020

just saw this article about imminent coming of the new £20 plastic notes. it will be issued this thursday. i have known of it of course, but it is still quite a shock to see it here. so soon!

i dread it because it means i have to get rid of the old notes before it cease to be legal tender, usually about 6 months after the new notes are released, so sometime around august. and there are a lot of old £20 notes to spend. after that date it will mean going to the bank to get rid of them. 

i wonder what people from overseas do with their old £20 notes? how will they change them to the new notes? if it is like my experience with the old european currencies when they all became invalid with the coming of the euro, it will mean they will just be abandoned. that happened with all the notes i got of those old currencies, francs,pesetas, guilders, marks , lira etc. all lost their value because it is too much of a bother to go to those countries to redeem them or change them. now i occasionally find them  lying about the flat, usually in jam jars acting as door stoppers. i am not even sure if i can change them to the euros, after so long can they still be changed?

with the british pound notes even old notes can be changed, but it means you have to come to london and go to the bank of england to do it. i cannot see many people doing that from overseas just to make that journey to change their £ notes. 

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