laila basmati rice

19 Feb

london 5.04pm 9C drizzle wednesday 2020

today was supposed to be a indoors isolation day for me. i cancelled my circuit training which was today just to isolate myself as i am recovering from a slight fever. i had it for only a short time, only a few hours really, it went away after i wrapped up warm in bed and went to sleep. when i woke up, it was gone, temperature has come down and i felt well. this happened on friday about 5days ago.

so very unusual, really. flu normally dont have fever, nor one that goes away so quick. that is why what with the corona virus about, i thought i shall play safe and not go to the training… first reason is not to infect the others, but also not to get further bouts of anything flying about in there. any space with a indoors ventilation i want to avoid if i can. 

but having done that i went and found online that tesco is selling chicken thighs for £1.68/kg and i just want to eat meat, and chicken would be nice to have. so i went to the brixton tesco, and whilst in there i found quite a lot of laila basmati rice 10kg for sale at £10. now that is a nice price, and i have eaten this brand of rice before and found that they are very fragrant when cooked. so i want to buy them. but they are so heavy and i did not bring any shopping wheels with me.

i know i wont like having to carry such heavy bags back without the wheels , because this tesco is in a awkward location, involving lots of changes of buses. so i returned home to get my 4 wheeled trolley, and returned to the store. i went to a tesco nearer me hoping to find they sell this laila , but no dice. that is why i had to go back to the brixton tesco. i bought 2packs of the rice, because i got the 4wheeled trolley and it makes it very easy to carry heavy loads. and i got a whole chicken too, at £1.87/kg. the thighs are £1.68/kg, but the second time i went there, they were all sold out. 

i am very torn between buying chicken thighs or the whole chicken. a whole chicken got breast meat, which has more meat in it, with no bones. anyway i got no choice when all the thighs were sold out, haha. so that made  my decision for me. 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

i am very pleased i bought the rice, as it is my favourite brand, because it is so fragrant when cooked. i thought the sale of this brand was over, but am glad i caught them selling it at this price again. there was no notice of it in the website or anywhere in the papers or leaflets or any notice of it in the store . added. actually i went online to their website just now and saw they have listed it so it has been publicised. 

on the bus back with the heavy rice filled trolley, a woman standing in front of me collapsed to the ground and had a fit. her friend seemed to know what is happening, because i heard her say do you feel it coming on?  luckily it was at a bus stop and the doors were opened, because the friend asked the bus driver to call an ambulance which means the bus will have to stop its journey there while it waits for the ambulance to come. people were very sympathetic to her plight. most times people’s health issues are hidden and we dont get to witness it. at least this is the first time for me, to see someone actually fall down in a fit. luckily she did not hurt herself falling down. 

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