make your own pancakes, its very easy

24 Feb

london 12.08pm 11C rain monday 2020


i made these pancakes this morning, just now. and ate them allready. i made just two, and they make me feel very full. its just flour really and yet can make you feel so full up. they are quite nice and is an easy way to cook and to eat flour without making them into cakes, or bread, or involve the oven. 

but it is not easy to eat a lot of them. that is why i wont be taking up that offer by a pub giving away pancakes if u can eat 12 of them in 12minutes. or else u have to pay for them. 

another place is giving away two pancakes to each customer tomorrow , to the first 50 customers if u say the password. haha. that is more like it. they have many branches in and around london. it is a funny thing but i never think about pancakes the rest of the year, except around this time, just because it is shrove tuesday and it is pancake day tomorrow.

but it just goes to show how easy it is if u feel hungry and want a snack, you can make pancakes to wrap round any left overs, or salad, or meat inside it and make a meal of it.

this time, i only spread some jam on it and that was enough. 

added. tues 25.2.20. 7C cloudy 

i noticed all the recipes seem to include milk, butter, suger, but with me, i just use flour, add water, stir to make a smooth batter, crack a egg in it, (though one time, i had no egg and did without and it was just as good). and that is all i need. i use veg oil. 

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