free public transport

1 Mar

london 10.25pm 6C saturdayb 2020

00.00 sunday 2020

today i read that luxembourg has become the first country in the world to give free public transport to all its citizens. it sounds good but this report says there is more to it than meets the eye.

before this some cities in the world have given free transport , but only estonia(though inside the cities, excpt tallin, still have to pay )and luxembourg is free for the whole country.

in fact, i did not know other cities give free transport until i went into that website for it, and found that george town , penang, and the central business district in kuala lumpur has a free bus service for everyone.

and of course i know in london there is  free transport to over 60s. and free bus travel to kids under a certain age. and there is free bus travel to over 67s all over england and wales. all this free travel on buses is great for us who benefit from it, but as we have seen, the downside is that in the rest of  england outside london, this has resulted in a cutting of bus services and times.  i dont understand how the ins and outs of the costs and consequences of this benefit where giving pensioners free bus travel can result in a cut to bus services but there you are, it does. so giving free travel to people has its unexpected dire consequences. 


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