2 Mar

london 1.50pm 9C sunny monday 2020 ageuk canteen tavistock square

lunch hour here in the canteen of the ageuk head quarters, and very busy it is too, with lots of people queueing up to heat their lunch boxes in the microwave ovens that they provide free to use. it is nice of them to provide it and to allow people to just come in here to eat their lunch, which they have prepared at home, or bought from outside. hardly anyone buying drinks or food at the counter. and i am using one of the many plugs along the walls, to charge my laptop.

i have just been to have a nice free hainanese chicken rice , at kerb, in kings cross. they are giving us free lunch vouchers to redeem at any of the stalls there to celebrate their moving the venue from granary square just a short distance away to cubitt square.

they are giving out free vouchers again tomorrow and i shall go again, and try the char siew next time. but i have to admit that the food is not as authentic as it was when i tried them last year. ah well, i guess costs must affect them so that it is not possible to be really like hainanese chicken rice. i forgot to take a picture of the food. but one of the photographers there asked me to pose with my food. i have been getting my photo taken everytime i come and get a free voucher for these promotions, i bet they will find out when they think of posting it and realise they have been taking my photo all the time, and people would think i am the only customer to these things. haha. 

it is very easy to make hainanese chicken rice. this meal i had today  costs £8 normally, and for that money u can buy two whole chickens and do the rice and it would serve you many meals out of that. 





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