a free char siew lunch

3 Mar

london 2.14pm 8C cloudy tuesday 2020 marylebone library

char siew this time. 2nd day of the freebie giveaway at this venue, cubitt square , near kings cross. and this char siew that i got was much nicer than the hainanese chicken yesterday. more authentic.

the others tells me that my photo was posted by the organisers , in instagram and showed it to me. i was looking rather solemn , and concentrating on looking down at the hainanese chicken dish. so maybe they thought it was more attractive than me gurning away at the camera. haha. so i got my 5secs of fame. haha.

the others were chatting away and thinking of going to the waitrose nearby to get a coffee and get out of the wind.(though to me, it was not windy and was quite pleasant outdoors really.  in the end they decided to go to the age uk canteen, but i felt like a coffee, so i went there alone and because the others told me that this branch is more easy going about it. that is you dont need to buy something to get that free coffee. 

its very nice to be having a cappuccino whilst i walked to the bus stop to catch a bus 30 as i wanted to go to the marylebone library to read the papers and to charge up my chromebook. 

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