thinking of alternate futures

7 Mar

london 7.11pm 11C night saturday 2020

KODAK Digital Still Camera

i am glad i know how to cook, because it is a pleasure to be able to produce nice meals to eat, and also to go shopping with a purpose, to buy the raw ingredients.

there are some good bargains in vegetables, cabbages for 29p, cauliflower for 69p, onions 29p, etc, but no much meat on bargains.

in fact i was in lidls, and hoping to buy their pork, but there was none to be had, not the pork shoulder joints. there are other cuts, but they are rather expensive cuts. i am not in desperate need of pork now, as i am finishing one that i frozed quite some time ago, but it is the last of my frozen pork cache, and i am looking ahead to stocking  more of it for the future.

i am watching a sci fi film , passengers, about a man who have been woken up 90yrs too early, before the spaceship he was in reaches it final colony destination, and he finds himself seeking company, wanting company, in that vast empty ship. and it made me think, that even though i dont like to talk much to people who i encounter when i go about my shopping, or wanderings around london, it is nice to know there are so many more people around. i would dislike living in a world where a castrophe has killed off everyone, leaving only a few depleted numbers to re populate the world. it would be a horrible place to live in. 

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