waste not want not

9 Mar

london 7.24pm 7C rain monday 2020

i am glad i did my shopping this morning, when it was not raining. i got to buy pork shoulder yesterday, a sunday, when i went to sainsburys and saw their shoulder pork joint for £3/kg. lots of it too. so i was able to stock up my freezer, with 4 portions from that joint. by separating it into smaller portions i can thaw out small amounts and dont have to eat them all at once. luckily no one is hoarding pork. haha.

this morning, i went to lidls to buy their washing up liquid. i have old stock, but simon has taken into his head to add water . i normally just add water to dilute it as and when i need to refill the container that i keep near the sink. i wonder why simon decided to change his habit. and dilute the whole concentrated bottle of liquid.  usually he just use the full concentrated liquid as is, without diluting it,  to wash dishes. i think it very wasteful, as each squirt gives a dollop which is too much for a wash. 

that is why i dilute it 10x. i know they are very cheap, (the lidl i buy costs 89p for 1litre. and it lasts me 2months, though if simon uses it , it is half that. he is very heavy handed not to mention he would use a lot just to add to the water to soak the dish or pan. it is not necessary to add soap to water just to soak the pan. 

but that does not mean we can use large amounts and waste them. most people if they do save, tend to save the expensive stuff, using less of it, but to me, i save irregardless how much it costs, cheap or expensive, i will save it rather than use so much of it just because it is cheap.

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