14 Mar

london 7.30pm 11C dry night saturday 2020

its a very mild night tonight. i just went out to the tesco to see if i can get some bargains, but nothing. i can see the shelves being empty now. its silly really why people start stockpiling. unless they assume the uk govt will have to lock down everything like they are doing in europe. though even in europe the people can go shopping for food during the lockdown, so there is nothing to indicate there will be a food shortage. as long as you dont stock pile. but of course all it needs are a few to be selfish and buy a lot, and you will get empty shelves. 

i am hoping the govt strategy works and that people will self isolate and slow down the spread. it will spread widely of course, but the speed it does we might be able to control.

the other countries are locking down, banning everyone from getting out of their homes. i think it a foolish strategy in that it is illogical, they can quite as easily be allowed to go out walking in  the parks etc, or along quiet streets, as long as they keep away from others and they will be just as safe as they will be in their flats. no need to force people to stay at home. people should just keep away from bars, and clubs, those are the places where u are in close contact with others , but elsewhere should be safe enough.

another thing, dont visit old people. we have mother’s day coming up, and it would be difficult for people not to visit their old parents, but they should do so and resist the urge to visit them. you dont want to give them the virus. 

anyway i only bought a cabbage, which they are selling for 29p. 

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  1. Garfield Hug Sunday March 15, 2020 at 12:18 am #

    Yes, old and those with underlying disease are best not visited for their own health sake.

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