council tax and water bill for 2020/21

16 Mar

london 12.05pm 11C sunny monday 2020

the bill came today for council tax £780.28. consisting of 

city of westminster 1.4% increase £407.65.

adult social care precept 2% increase £40.56

greater london authority 3.6%increase £332.07

total council tax 3.5%increase £780.28. £65.02 a month. mine is a band D property. here is to compare with last year’s. (£753.85). good to compare because i found out it has gone up by £100 since 2018. and most of it is for the  mayor of london’s office. 

water bill for 2020/21, £321.60 £26.80 a month


just to give an idea of what the monthly costs are for the other services, 

service charge for the flat £100  monthly. electricity £20 monthly. broadband/ telephone £20 monthly. total including the latest charges, = £230 a month. so this is baseline  cost of living in london in 2020. add to this cost of food, leisure, and one off repair costs. to me cost of food/household stuff is about £40 a month. i have no heating bills, nor transport costs. or rent/mortgage. 

looking at it, i am rather surprised at how cheap my base costs are. only £270 a month to live here in london in this present day in the 21st century. about £62 a week.

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