23 Mar

london 6.35am 4C sunny monday 2020

i went to sleep last night at about 9pm, and slept right through till just now, so about 9 hours sleep. which is rather nice, uninterrupted sleep is a luxury. i am glad the sun comes up at about 6am here.  so it is nice and bright now. blue sky with no clouds. 

and i just read this , good news about the virus spread, which suggests that the mortality rate is less than feared. it is early days, and hard to call, with many govts reluctant to take the risk of not locking down and seeing the death rate increase. the trouble is to discount how many deaths would have normally occurred which is due to the flu, and the corona virus just happen to be along for the ride in the patient but not contributing to the death. no one is testing for H1N1, the virus responsible for flu. if they did we might be able to get an idea of how big a role it has to play in all these deaths. on one hand, we read of hospital deaths and get pictures of the ventilator shrouded patients and then we see celebrities confessing to having the virus and having not much symptoms, and getting well. they cant be the only ones doing well with the virus, but we dont know how many. people are guessing there are thousands infected but dontknow about it, because the symptoms are so mild. its all up in the air, really, though lets hope the remedy, (lockdown and all that) may not be worse than the disease.

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