25 Mar

london 10.08am 10C very sunny wednesday 2020

i got a letter from the post today with a dividend cheque from shell, so i had to go out to bank it. and coming back i missed my stop and ended up in vauxhall, and decided to walk back along the thames to my flat.

i could sit out in the sun but when i got back i saw the  sunshine streaming in through my window and i can get a dose of sunshine just by sitting on my comfy sofa out of the wind, so that is much nicer.

and i can go online too while doing it. i hope the body can still make vit D from sunlight that has been filtered by the window. because my window is still closed. 

very intense blue sky and bright sunlight.

i am sure there will be a lot of cups of tea and coffee being drunk now. at least i have noticed i have been doing that, and i daresay it must be the same for others forced to stay in.

but getting post today, means the postman is still working, and the lockdown do not apply to him/her. 


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