be a bit stoic really

28 Mar

london 8.30pm 7C dry saturday 2020

simon has just come back from supermarket shopping. the closing time for them is 8pm, so he must have been just gotten in before they closed.

i think it is not crowded, which is a good thing, as i think there is a good chance of being infected if u are in there when it is crowded.

i seem to be quite scared of going shopping ever since i read an old lady got infected and had died and her son said it was because of her going to the supermarket. i am not sure how true that is, but it is logical to say that all those people queueing and crowding the aisle means there is  more chances of some of those people being infected and passing it on via the air they breathe out. right?

so it is best to go there as few times as you can and stay there as short a time as you can. so far i have not gone shopping, because i dont have anything i want to buy. but simon seems to want to go there. i suppose we have to eat. he got some steaks, and is busy cooking one now.i did not feel like having steak so declined his offer of cooking one for me.

i saw this link about a medic doctor on video, showing how he sterilise all his purchases , saying they can potentially spread the virus… i wonder how true it is , that the virus can potentially live quite some time on the surfaces of containers or if true, how potent it is as a source of infection. 

 so far no one in govt in uk has asked us to sterilise the containers of the food we buy. they just ask us to wash our hands and not touch our faces. on balance i think that might be the best way … so that even if the surfaces of the containers are contaminated, once you wash your hands after handling them, the virus would not get spread around. the danger is that people might forget to wash their hands, after handling these containers. but if u remember not to touch your face or nose or mouth or eyes, that might be the single most important advise really. 

in biology class when i was a student, we are told that flu and viral diseases spread from droplets when someone sneezes or coughs. and i think that is more of a danger to a person getting infected. so i think more danger  from the air in the supermarket , a confined space, than from infected containers. and there is no way to avoid it, if u are going to that supermarket. so better not go there so often. i suppose the absolutely safe way is to carry your own oxygen tank and breathe through it all the time, with a glass mask over you like a scuba diver. but i can imagine that would draw lots of looks. 

i figure you can get infected even if it is the open air, if u happen to be next to someone passing by who is wafting and giving out a particularly virulent strain of virus, so in the end, if fate decreed that u will get it, and then fate decreed that you will suffer extreme symptoms instead of just have mild symptoms and fate decreed that you succumb and die, well so be it really. there are times , and this is one of them, when you have to be a bit stoic really. 

One Response to “be a bit stoic really”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday March 29, 2020 at 1:41 pm #

    Totally agree or as Asians say…fated.

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