what is your take on this zoom conference calls?

1 Apr

london 7.19am 8c cloudy wednesday 2020

9.30pm 8c

i had a zoom meetup justnow. first time. it started at 8pm, and i left it at about 9.20pm.

it was easy to get onto, and my chromebook was able to get the app. it was organised by a gay meetup.com group that i belong to. usually the members meet in  caffe nero, in haymarket, near piccadilly circus, every wednesday. of course now we cannot do so, so we meet up in this zoom.

i found my sound was not good, and i could not catch what was said, which makes it more of a strain for me. visually it was allright, a bit blur the images, but it was easy to see them. a note came up saying it was blur because my cpu is nearly full up. not sure what cpu means.

anyway the guys , it was a gay group, chatted about their day, and some showed us a tour of their flat. they said they can hear me well, but i found it rather less easy to hear them so that i did not enjoy it as much. only one person can speak at one time, so we cannot make conversation with the others whilst someone else is talking.

i think it might work better as a visual meetup. where someone is showing something and everyone can watch. maybe a cooking demonstration. or a workout session, with the others online watching and following and doing on their own. 

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