cloud library

3 Apr

london 9.21pm 8C friday 2020

i have downloaded the lord of the rings from the library cloud. its a good service offered by my local library and turned out to be quite timely now that we are all locked down at home. they have quite a large choice of books to pick. and because the script is in a very large format it is very easy for me to read , unlike a book, which is quite small type now that i have some comparison, i notice it.

and i figured this book will keep me occupied for quite some time, as it is a big book. i have not read the whole of it before. which seems to be quite an oversight, because this book is quite old, it was printed in the early 50s.

now i think of it, i am surprised i have not come across it and read it when i was younger.  perhaps the early editions were written in that special language that tolkien had invented and it was quite a chore to learn it. that might have put me off reading it. this edition i am reading is in standard english and very easy to read in modern english, unlike my rememberance of it. i had  a vague recollection of it when i seem to remember it was very unreadable.

today also was the premiere of a utube broadcast of a musical by andrew lloyd webber, a film of one of his stage musicals, joseph and the multicolourws coat… or some title like it. and i noticed that i am not really into films of musicals. i did not see it to the end. perhaps i might dip into it again, later this weekend, as it will be offered free to watch for the weekend. i prefer to read it than watch it on film.

also at the same time, was a play by the national theatre, again, made available free to everyone during this lockdown. but i am even less attracted to seeing films of plays. i think it is because i am rather hard of hearing and none of these offerings have subtitles so i cannot understand what the actors are saying.

now i am beginning to understand why my father is so quiet and hardly joined in our conversation. it is because i think he finds, like me, that it is so difficult to hear people that it is quite a tiring chore to understand them. i find that is what is happening to me now. i just dont like to make talk with other people. i might be rather an exception because from what everyone tells me older people get lonely not having anyone to talk to. but that has never been a problem with me. 

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