it will be a warm week

5 Apr

london 11.43am 19.4C sunny sunday 2020

today seems to be the start of this warm weather we are going to get all week. it will only peak at 20C, so not really a heat wave as such. but it is high for this time of year. early spring. the sun is shining into my flat from 11am, so i can enjoy it whilst lying in comfort on my sofa.

the govt is sending very confusing messages to people, with the minister for health saying even sunbathing is not allowed. that is silly, as if u do so on your own in a vast field, away from everyone, it is just like you are in your own flat, isolating yourself. also stopping people from driving around in their car. surely they are isolated inside their car and not in contact with others. and stopping people from shopping in garden centres, is not going to be helpful, businesses must be allowed to carry out business, if they can keep customers physically apart, it should be no risk . and allowing supermarkets to carry on selling. ah well, thank goodness i am not in charge of all this. haha. let what happens happen. 

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