uneventful day

7 Apr

london 4.13pm 19C sunny tuesday 2020

7.08pm 16C sunny

uneventful day for me today. which is great. rather a quiet nothing happening day than one of drama or excitement, because that would mean bad news. so that axiom, no news is good news is very true for me.

this afternoon i thought i would like to eat roast chicken, so went to my local sainsburys and bought a chicken, and simon asked to get some potatoes as well.

he decided to take charge of the cooking, so that is great for me, as i am rather lazy to cook , not to mention that he takes a lot more effort with his potatoes, than me.i would just bung them into the oven, whereas he would skin them, and par boil them, and he also made half of them into mash. and the roast chicken came out very nice, firm flesh as i told him, and gave him credit for doing, because when i do it the flesh comes out very soft sometimes. he said about half way through, he tips the chicken and drains it and remove the water that collects. he thinks that makes the flesh more firm.

i am not sure whether that is water or oil, because i have noticed that if there is a lot of water in the chicken, the oven gets a lot of steam coming out at the back during the cooking. and i think it might be the cheaper chickens have water injected in them. whilst these ones are not the cheapest priced, being £2.25/kg, as opposed to the cheapest price which are £1.90/kg. though the price is a bit inflated in the local branches, because these are £2.06/kg if i buy them in the big branches. i did not fancy travelling to them. there is also more queueing in the big branches than in this small local branch. i suppose we should be grateful that the supermarket have not increased the price by a lot, seeing that people are so scared that there are no chickens to be had, they are willing to pay any price for it. that was earlier in the crisis when people were mass buying. now things have calmed down and the supermarkets are even loosening their 3 items limit. 

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