streetwalkers too are affected by this lockdown

10 Apr

london 7.11pm 19C sunny good friday 2020

its the start of the easter weekend, this must be the quietest easter ever due to the lockdown all over the world. 

some unusual activity around 5pm today. simon saw 4 fire engines and a policevan converging on the block of flats down the road from us, one of them extending a long crane with a fireman on top to the roof of the block. some of the police men were walking past the kitchen window and simon shouted out to them asking them what was going on. but they did not say anything. our neighbour downstairs who was at her kitchen below us answered simon’s query.

it seems a man picked up a woman on the street and she have a flat in that block.   she is a prostitute and took him to her top floor flat for doing the business. simon says our neighbour says she is known to be a bit mad, and it seemed she locked him up for two days and this was his bid to escape, by climbing out up the drain pipe to the roof and people saw him and called the firebrigade. they must have thought there was a fire.

well, people are just weird, and i have long ago stopped guessing and trying to logically find reasons for their behaviour. so who knows why he climbed onto the roof. he might be on drugs that brought on psychotic behaviour, or she might be on drugs and locked him in.  anyway they resolved the problem because all the firemen got on board their fire engines (there were 5 to each engine) and they all left. we could not see what happened to the main actors of this pointless drama. haha.

i suspect there are prostitutes plying their trade on the street around the estate. i have seen them hanging about and we all know no respectable women will be by themselves loitering on the street smoking cigarettes. they are dressed quite normally, and are very discreet, never accosting locals like me who walk about doing our normal business, nor hang about too long or too many; (i daresay that with the internet, they dont need to loiter to get clients and anyone hanging around is most probably waiting at an arranged meeting place that they have allready agreed on with clients arranged via the internet or phone). after meeting up they can bring the clients to the flat without needing to give them the address. 

and they dont need to dress in the kind of flamboyant in your face dress that blatantly advertise their trade that we see in movies. haha.

i did not realise  that they are renting flats around here, but of course now i come to think of it, where else can they bring their clients; so of course they would have their business premises in some of the rented flats around here. 

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