rhubarbs (or it might be swiss chard)

14 Apr

london 1.11pm

KODAK Digital Still Camera

very lush rhubarbs growing in the boxes in the courtyard. 

no one is seen tending to them,but they just grow anyway. which is what is nice about growing things, they just keep on growing, and dont need any attention once u have planted the seeds. they dont need watering even if it rains often. and just let them get the sun and presto, they grow.

its all very nice, except i dont know how to cook rhubarbs. there is rhubarb pie, and i suppose u can throw it into a stew, but can you stir fry them? they are very tart, aren’t they, so how will that work in a stir fry?

added. those leaves look so glossy, but i googled it , and found out that the leaves are poisonous, they contain oxalic acid, which damage the kidneys. it is a strange thing, that this plant is cultivated for food, what made them continue to plant this , even though people would have died from eating the leaves, before they find out the stems are edible. added. i found out that they were grown in the past to provide fresh fruit in winter. there was an area round wakefield called the rhubarb triangle, where huge amounts were forced grown in the dark sheds, where they grow quickly and provide fresh produce in winter. it went into decline when fresh fruits can be imported cheaply from abroad.

added. i googled the image and found swiss chard. so these might be swiss chard, what is more confusing is that there is a veg called rhubarb swiss chard. if these are swiss chard, then the leaves can be eaten. but i have never seen this swiss chard being sold in the supermarkets. thus i have never cooked swiss chard. 

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