15 Apr

london 2.49pm 18C sunny. wednesday 2020

KODAK Digital Still Camera

i went to the local sainsburys and bought this celery. i have been googling vegetables recently because of that chard growing in the garden, along with the spring greens, (also called collard greens) and realised that i have run out of vegetables.

this local sainsburys have higher prices than the superstore, that is why i just bought the celery, 70p instead of the usual 49p; and ritz biscuits 200mg, which was a impulse buy really, because i have eaten it when simon bought it, and liked it. but at £1 they are really very expensive for what is just biscuits.

i have taken a portion of pork out of the freezer, and later tonight  with the celery i shall make a meal with rice. you dont need a lot of ingredients to make a meal out of it. just a stir fry dish of celery and pork over rice will make for a delicious meal that takes very little time and is cheap. 

i had wondered whether i have been pronouncing celery wrongly, but google here seems to make it sound similar to salary. but perhaps it is only me, being tone deaf, makes it sounds like the same to me.

6.55pm 16C sunny

KODAK Digital Still Camera

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