books are a nice way to escape into fantasy land

23 Apr

london 12.14pm 21C sunny thursday 2020

these few days have been very warm, with sunny cloudless blue skies. and i have been able to enjoy it inside my flat, because the sun shines in.

even so, i have been out, once 4 days ago, to the supermarket tesco in brixton. that was quite a distance, needing a bus trip. but brixton is where i can buy fresh chillis.

then,this morning i went to the sainsburys near me, to get milkpowder. i now know to go about 10am, as there is no queues to get in. i have been indoors apart from those two trips out. 

with the lockdown on, there is nothing much happening here. i have spent the time reading ebooks which i can borrow online from the cloudlibrary, a service provided by my local library. its been very useful keeping me occupied with books to read. much more so, since the tv programs are not very good. at least for me so that the tv has not provided me with much entertainment.  simon seems to find a lot of detective programs to watch.

thus the books transport me to a fantasy land of other happenings and much doings, without any direct discomfort or injury sustained to me. 


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