sausages and mash

25 Apr

london 9.04am 9C cloudy saturday 2020. its got cooler now

KODAK Digital Still Camera

simon cooked these for breakfast and it was very nice. these are sainsburys taste the difference sausages, and i thought they tasted very nice. but he said he did not think so. he got them at reduced price about 89p, usually they cost £3 for 6. so at that reduced price it is worth buying. not at full price though. 

dont know why he thinks they are not nice. the ingredients says they are made of 97%pork. but i think the 72% pork sausages are just as nice. and they cost £1.50 normal price. and if u can get them when they are reduced, it is even better. though now that there is lockdown, it is difficult to get these bargains. they might well have these reduced prices, but the queue to get into the store at that time of day when they get finally reduction is so long that i dont want to bother queueing up.the queueing is long because the supermarkets deliberately restrict the numbers in the store, just so people can keep their physical distance.

its interesting that in the instructions how to cook them, they did not mention frying. grilling and cooking in the oven were mentioned. but frying is the best way and the quickest and cheapest way too.

One Response to “sausages and mash”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday April 26, 2020 at 3:18 am #

    Sausages and mash is such a British meal and I love eating it too. You had a good deal! Here I like a Pork Bratwurst made by Pan Pacific Hotel that can only be bought from Cold Storage. 5 sausages cost me almost $11 a pack. It is crispy when boiled and crunchy or as Chinese say “song song” or “Q Q”springy when eaten.

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