watching old reruns on tv

30 Apr

london 1.04pm 12C cloudy now, forecast rain at 2pm. thursday 2020

3.12pm rain

its good that i decided to go to the lidl earlier , at about 11am, instead of around now . because it is raining now and quite heavy too. rain is much nicer if u are inside looking out on it rather than caught up in it. 

i had thought they will be less busy around now, but i went online earlier and had a look into the stockwell lidl branch website where there was a live feed showing how busy they are  and saw that it was not busy at about 11am, so i decided on the spur of that moment to get the bus  straightaway and go ,  and glad i did.

there was no queue to get in, which is great, even though inside it was quite busy. the branch is not strict about keeping customers separated, and in fact, most customers dont adhere to that rule anyway, so that it is quite pointless being strict about it and get people to queue outside when inside everyone is mixing with each other. this branch is quite small so cannot implement a one way system. 

personally i dont think those rules are that important , that says keep 6ft from each other, especially when it is an indoor space. the ventilation system will spread any virus all over the store, if it is not the type which renews the air with outside air continuously. those systems are expensive, because the loss of heat and heating the new air will be very expensive. even the face mask rule i think is not fool proof.

we have allready been isolating for about a month, and i should think if anyone has it, they should  either be well enough now not to be infectious, or in hospital being sick like a dog or dead. so the numbers of people walking around infecting others should be quite low. i think the best strategy for anyone is not to go to shopping if they can help it. that is why i myself dont go grocery shopping that much. maybe once a week if that. but in the end, it is up to fate really.

so now we just try to entertain ourselves with looking at old reruns of tv programs. haha.

just saw the first episode of the golden girls. it will be shown every weekday. i remember seeing the show in the 90s, when it was coming to the end of its run in 1992.  so it was the later shows that i saw. i missed the beginning of the series.  it was nice to be able to see  the first episodes that were shown in 1985.

then there are the property shows about buying in europe, specifically spain. this one called home or away  i am seeing is quite recent, 2018/19, £130,000 for 3bed bungalow in almeria. so still low prices can be had even as recent as last year. but rather dated now that we have left the EU, and with everyone unable to visit spain with this lockdown in place. 




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