2 May

london 1.58pm 16C cloudy saturday 2020

7.17pm 16C sunny.

its been hovering around 16C,17C practically the whole day. but i have not been out at all, so dont know if it feels warm or if the northerly wind makes it feel cold. it is nice and warm inside the flat.

i read that people in spain are allowed out. so that must be nice for them. they are much stricter in their lockdown than we here in uk. barbers (and hairdressers) are allowed to open. but restaurants are still closed. 

and i read of new york residents having trouble with paying their rent and having a rent strike, asking the landlords to not charge rent for a few months during their lockdown. they are hoping the govt will step in though what they expect the govt to do i wonder? as it is they all got $1200 but that wont be enough to pay the rent does it? and what about the people who own their flats and have to pay mortgages. might they too ask for help?

you can see this lockdown and closing of businesses is going to be very far reaching in its detrimental effect.  fortunately i am not affected but not many people are in such a good position like me. though public servants, and those working for big companies might escape. it is the self employed in the catering and hospitality , travel and service industries who will bear the brunt of this, i think. 



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  1. Garfield Hug Sunday May 3, 2020 at 3:29 am #

    You are right that F&B sector is badly hit. Same here..tourism, aviation and construction.

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