home made coleslaw

4 May

london 2.44pm 17.5C sunny monday 2020

i made coleslaw , with carrots, onion, white cabbage and sultanas, and it is very delicious. much better than the coleslaw you buy at the supermarket, which is very watery and hardly any veg in it. 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

at first i thought i made too much, but i have allready eaten half of it. it is very more-ish, and i have not even let it stand a bit. overnight, it would be even better.

there is no skill needed in making it. you just need to grate the vegetables, and then squirt in the store bought mayonnaise. the basic one i buy will do just as well, and tastes very nice. 

added. i just remembered i got some celery, so i shall grate some and add that to my coleslaw . added. i have done it now. i found grating the celery is not needed. it is quite difficult to grate it, and also the grating is too fine, so just cutting it in tiny pieces is good enough. i like my coleslaw with large bits of veg, not too finely grated. 

added 7.31pm 13C sunny. i got an email sent to me by limahl, at first i thought it was the singer, but no, it was from the chef at tinybudgetcooking.com with a free offer of their cookbooks and cooking plan for anyone to download, and use. rather nice of him to give it free, now that so many are stuck at home and have to cook for themselves.  and i was browsing it when i saw it has a recipe for making coleslaw.

in the email he also says he is looking for 50 people with digestive issues and offer me a chance to join in the app for it. but luckily i dont have digestive issues, so will pass on that. if u have them, maybe u might be able to be accepted as one of the 50 people he is looking for. 

He asked if i would mention his website so here i am telling everyone about it. hope people find his cookbook useful. 

added 8.02am tuesday 5.5.20. saw this from jack monroe, for a very economical pasta sauce and easy to make from basic ingredients. i find i like her recipes, they are not fussy , and you learn to use what u got and be creative. 

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