we are all wise after. hindsight is a wonderful thing

13 May

london 10.42am 11C sunny wednesday 2020

i have just been out to the chemist to get my medicine. and saw the flowers that have come up along the way there. 


nature just carry on following its seasonal changes and nevermind about human beings and their world. we humans are so bothered about living and dying and what we shall do in between, but nature could not care less. haha.

now we are getting some hind sight about this virus. the accepted method of limiting the spread of the virus is to lockdown people and stop trade. that worked for wuhan, and so everyone assumes that is the no brainer solution. but now we are beginning to see the cure is worst than the disease. in africa , they are killing people for violating the lockdown , because the police are overzealous in forcing people to obey it.

whilst in america, the democratic controlled states are so afraid of it overwhelming the hospitals they tried to empty it of those who recover from it by forcing the care homes to take back their old folks who have got the virus and recovered , and hence transferred the infection to the care homes, which contain all those vulnerable to it.

in New York, 5% of the seniors living in nursing homes have died from COVID-19. In Florida, the disease has claimed less than 0.6% of those in nursing homes. 

now, in uk we see that the  hospital A&E and emergency services are all lying idle.  my doctor’s surgeries A&e is empty, and they cannot be unique, i assume all the other doctor’s surgeries are also the same, because so many are afraid of catching the virus, they have stopped going there for other ailments. makes me wonder whether in normal times, the majority of  those who go to A&E are not necessary after all. 

near me is an ambulance centre, and i can see they have closed the street near it, so that they can park their ambulances , so many of them, all not needed and lying around idle. 

thurs 14.5.20 11C sunny. added 12.12pm

i wrote the above from what i observed at the doctor’s, which was next to the chemist i went to yesterday to get my prescribed medicine. and i saw no one in there , where normally they would be very busy with patients. and today i read it is so after all, that A&E are desserted.


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