chicken curry

18 May

london `12.13pm 20C sunny monday 2020

lovely chicken curry from the huge 2kg whole chicken sold by lidl today.  it was a good buy, £1.60/kg. i did not want to roast it, as i wanted to save the two breasts. it would be too much to roast the whole bird.  i frozed the two chicken breasts. i shall use those to stir fry with vegetables in the future. there should be two meals out of that.

there is enough meat remaining in that chicken for the curry.

a lot of people dont like the backbone and ribs but i love nibbling the meat out of them. it would not surprise me if there are people who throw them away.  i wonder whether liking to eat meat off the bone is an indication of what generation you are born into. the young generation dont like bones and prefer breast meat, or fish like cod, which dont have bones in them.

or am i wrong,  and that some old generation people hate bones too. i dont know many young people, but i have not met any young people that like eating meat off bones or eating bony fish. but i know many old people or rather 10 yrs younger than me, in their 50s, who dont like bones. simon for one dont like bones. or is it something to do with being a westerner, maybe asians or chinese like bony meat, whilst europeans or westerners dont. it is a generalisation i admit, so maybe too general to be true. 

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