nature just carry on

19 May

london 7.37pm 24.3C now, sunny (highest 28.5c) tuesday 2020

nature has been doing its own thing all around me. i look down on the pots of vegetables growing in the courtyard, doing its normal thing growing away like there is no pandemic going on. haha. makes me realise this pandemic thing and isolation and keeping our distance and shutting of businesses is all man made really.

if it were not us trying to stop the spread of this flu like illness, to limit the amount of people it kills;  in an effort to think we are better than nature at it.

because the more so called advance we think our science and understanding disease is, the more we think we can stop it killing us. but i hope we do get reminded now that there are some viruses that just is beyond our control.  once a person catches this virus, it is entirely up to their immune system to stop it, and there is nothing we can do really to cure it, we can only do extraneous, almost superfluous  action, (in that whatever we do wont really hasten the cure). the main thing in our supportive actions is to keep them breathing because of the effect it has on the lungs , otherwise we let nature takes its course, and if the person dies, so be it, if recovers, so be it. 

so all round me, i see nature bursting with life, and growing and flourishing and giving signs that summer is coming or here. with the temperatures rising , tomorrow is forecast to be even hotter. whilst everyone keeping low, and hoping that the virus will peter out.

i got a wordpress blog in my reader, and it tells me that from june 1, they are going to make everyone use their new editor, to write their blogs. so far i have been using the old editor, but i hope that i shall be given a chance to opt for the old classic editor when they make the change, and so can keep on with it. the new editor seems rather complicated, but who knows maybe i might like it better. 

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