just doing ordinary things to while the time away

23 May

london 1.40pm 17C rained a bit , clear now. saturday 2020

7.13pm 17C , still the same temp,  sunny

i seem to be depanding on the tv , and my chromebook surfing the internet for my entertainment mostly. so i have to thank the broadband for enabling me to gain access to the internet. how much more dull our lockdown will be , without it. it is using the broadband, which makes the lockdown quite bearable, because i can get the feeling of being in touch with the rest of the world via this internet.

so i have been reading blogs, as well as watching a live webcam site that shows the daily life of families in italy. they have allowed live cameras into their home, so we can watch them. i especially like watching a family with 3 generations living together. with two sons about 9 and 7yrs old and a daughter about 4yrs old. and another family with a single mother and her two teenage sons, and the youngest about 10yrs old. i think they are all at home now because they are having a lockdown too. i think in other times, we wont be able to see all of them at home like this. 

now, there is a tv program i am watching called finding dora. i am watching it on my chromebook, rather than on the big screen tv. because simon is watching another program on our tv. there is a function in this live tv shown in my chromebook which allows me to minimise the screen so it appears as a small pop up, that way i can watch the program whilst still able to access all the other pages in my chromebook , that is why i can write a blog post, whilst watching the dory program, as well as with a eye to big tv screen. all this to allow me to multi task as it were. 

it looks like a survival program ,this tv film on my tv set, about  a group of people in a jungle , it is on the horror channel, so must be something to do with horror. i had a look at the tv guide on my chromebook and saw it is called apocalyspe earth, (2013), they are a group of refugees from earth stranded on an alien planet, though the scenery looks very much like earth.

the sun is streaming into my flat, straight into my bedroom and the spare bedroom from the west side, due to the low lying sun as it sinks down. its so bright, it is like a search- light shining into the room and into the hall.

after this, i shall make a stir fry chinese rice noodle dish, maybe like singapore noodles. the rice vermicelli noodles are draining now, i am just waiting for them to dry a bit, so they are crisper when i stir fry them. 


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