spring bank holiday

25 May

london 9.11pm 21C dry monday 2020, spring bank holiday

this bank holiday is not like others, because we are in lockdown, everyone not working so nowadays every day is a bank holiday which makes today  nothing special. even the supermarkets are keeping normal hours. it must bring into shock notice and reinforce how weird the times we are living in now. 

last week when i went to lidl, i saw white eggs being sold. normally i see brown eggs, but now they are bringing in white eggs. it does look weird. we are so used to brown eggs, that seeing white ones makes us , or rather me, get a strange feeling.

what makes eggs go brown, i wonder? i googled it, and it seems it is due to the breed of chicken.  ‘white feathered chickens with white earlobes give white eggs, and reddish feathered chickens with red earlobes, give brown eggs’.i dont even know chickens got ears, let alone earlobes. where is it, i wonder?

funny, i thought their diet makes for the different coloured eggs, that they put coloured pigments in their feed. but it is not so. 

i thought the white eggs will be cheaper, but no…they were sold same price as brown eggs. what’s more, the basic cheap brand brown eggs are cheaper still.  so i doubt whether i will buy the white ones. i read that white eggs have thinner shells, so liable to break more easily.

it seems white eggs are normally sold in bulk to restaurants, but with those not opening, they got a glut and are trying another sales outlet by selling in supermarkets. what i would like to know is why have two different breed of chickens. why not just have one breed, and either just have all of them make brown eggs, or white ones. i think there is another story to this…

then, i hear in america, white eggs are commonly sold everywhere. ah ha. the mystery solved. so it might be the uk imports them being cheaper and so use them for bulk usage in industrial use or mass cooking.

by rights if they are selling them via the supermarket now, they should be cheaper, but i guess it wont do to undercut the brown egg farmers…so we have to keep the prices the same for brown eggs. 

i read in google that brown chickens eat more, so need more feeding, so that rearing them is more expensive.  

Chickens with red feathers are larger in body size and require more feed which is why brown eggs are more expensive on store shelves/

its possible that british buyers like brown eggs, because they look nicer than white ones. 

in my search for earlobes, i found this blog, and here he is talking of whether the country (usa) should loosen the lockdown or not. 



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