bought fresh chilli today

29 May

london 11.16am 21C sunny friday 2020

1.40pm 22C sunny

just came back from a long journey to upton park in east london to buy fresh chilli. in the end i got a 175mg pack for £1, same price as asda chilli. so not worth going so far for it, when the asda is nearer. i have not bought any in asda before, i just saw the price in their website. so it is possible it wont be there if i do go. now you see the price in their website but there is none in stock when u do go there. tesco is like that. they say they got garlic for 16p each, but there is never any in stock when i go there. 

so it looks like there is no chance of cheaper chilli to be bought anywhere in london. but i should not complain, because this chilli is still twice as cheap as the previous lot i got, from tesco 80mg for 90p. that was at the beginning of this month and must rate as the most expensive chilli i bought ever. 

ah well, just as well i dont use a lot , and it will last me a month or so. maybe even two months. i have been able to do without garlic, or ginger, using powdered ones that simon buys from the supermarket, but i cannot do without fresh chilli. haha. simon buys chilli bottles but they are sweetened with suger and not really very hot. so there is no substitute for fresh chilli.

its a really nice hot sunny day today, and i think there is more chances of the virus being killed by sunshine than any preventive measures they ask us to take, like wearing mask, or sanitising our hands always. so i tend to walk in the sun and sit in the sun whether in the bus or the tube(when it clears the tunnels and get into the open. )

on the way there, i have to take the waterloo tube, and  i have to go through waterloo station and i saw a chap manning a table with sanitiser and face mask. there were signs at the entrance to the station, asking people to wear mask. so i approach him, and he gave my hands a squirt of the sanitiser. i have never had one of these before, it felt jelly like, it coats my hands, a bit like putting on ky jelly. haha. i ask him for a mask, it was one that dentists and doctors use, just so i can get a mask.  i used to wear masks like this when i was working as a dentist long ago. i dont have one and dont know where to buy one so i shall keep this with me in case i ever need to enter a shop that insists i wear one.  

anyway i am back home now and enjoying the rest from all that travelling. though i am not sure why i think i have been expanding my energy, as most of the journey was sitting in the bus or the tube and they are the ones spending the energy to move me.

i think in the heat of the day like this the pollen is not a lot. it seems the plants shoot out their pollen either early in the morning or late in the day. certainly i dont have any symptoms of hay fever, even after going out for 2hrs.

its very quiet, in the buses and the tubes and in the market. on such a nice day like this i cannot believe they are all indoors, so i guess they are in the parks instead. 

added 2.56pm 23C.

i still dont feel hungry. strange, i only had porridge for breakfast, nothing else but dont feel hungry at all. porridge i can say is very filling, and this is proof of it. it is not the first time that i can last without eating after porridge in the morning. usually i am full right till about 4pm. 

4 Responses to “bought fresh chilli today”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday May 31, 2020 at 6:43 am #

    I remember when living in USA, chilli, ginger and garlic were the priciest items on my grocery list and learnt to omit using them not by choice. I am surprised that chilli is still just as expensive in UK now as I would have thought local growers would have tagged onto cultivating it as a crop. In Australia the local migrant community has started growing local chye sim, chillis etc and when I go there for winter fishing (not been back last 2 years; surgery in previous year and this year Covid) I enjoy buying it at Farmer’s Markets. I hope the migrant community will farm it as it is really a need in Asian cooking. I love chilli and powders or paprika do not make good substitutes somehow.

    • alifesgayventure Sunday May 31, 2020 at 7:40 am #

      actually before the lockdown chillis are cheap… relatively speaking. i dont use a lot of it, just as a dipping dish, finely chopped fresh chilli in soya sauce and vinegar. it lasts me a long time. upton park market sells it for about £4/kg. it is only now that it has gone up.. the supermarkets sell it very expensive, even in normal times . because of that i never buy from them till now. corvid has disrupted supply that is why. i could have grown them myself, i suppose. there is a plant for sale in the garden centres that grows chillis, it is ornamental, but the chilli can be eaten.but the long green ones are what i want and that is imported. the climate here is not conducive to it and i suppose they have better use for other plants in the green house.cheapest is not a criteria for britain to grow its own, too cheap and it wont be worth their while to grow it, not much profit in it. it explains why even in times of plenty, for eg, in summer when tomatoes should be plentiful (in spain they even have a tomato festival where they throw it at people, they rather do that than give it away as it will lower the price for sellers ) the price never falls below a certain level. you would think that with the festival cancelled, our tomatoes should be even cheaper, but it does not happen. that is what a commercial world is like. this is where supply and demand dont match, the market manipulates it. most of us understand that and am willing to pay the price they ask, so that we do get a supply of them.

      • Garfield Hug Sunday May 31, 2020 at 9:23 am #

        I see! I freeze my fresh chillis even though I can buy them easily in Singapore. I find that convenient and I can use it whenever I need it. You might want to think about it. It lasts for a long time in the freezer and I can use it as if like fresh cut chillis or you can pickle the green ones and it lasts – I love pickled green chilis as I lap them up with hor fun from Tzi Char stalls!

      • alifesgayventure Sunday May 31, 2020 at 9:36 am #

        i too freeze my fresh chilis, otherwise they wont last a long time. freezing them dont seem to affect their hotness. i suppose i should not be saying they are fresh, since i freeze them. i cant think of what word to use. maybe i should use the word ‘unprocessed’, to let people know it is in their original state. i know the pickled chillis in vinegar. the local hawker stalls in malaysia use them. and i like them. but they are very expensive in uk, and i have weaned myself off them. it is actually quite easy to pickle them but i guess i dont crave them as much as to go to the trouble of doing it.

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