last day to use the old editor

31 May

london 8.39pm sunday 2020 18C

i thought i was using the classic editor last time i wrote a post  but i think i wasn’t. i mean i think that one i have been using will be gone by tomorrow. i found a link that tells me how to use the classic block in the new editor. that was useful because it tells me all i need to know . 

there is a classic block in the new editor, which has all the functions of the old classic editor, so i thought i shall play safe and use it. so that is what i am doing now. and will post it when i finish. and hope that i can use it as a default block tomorrow to continue with the old editor. there dont seem to be a font button. otherwise everything looks like the old editor. 

the heading size seem to be different. before i used heading 3, but that looks very big, so i am using heading 4 now. let me see how it looks when i post it. i think the size is not important anymore, as people can chose whatever size they want to on their own devises, indepandant of what size it is actually posted. 


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