i got plenty of time to spend

1 Jun

london 8.50am 17C sunny monday 2020

i think we can say that of nearly  everyone too because we are still not all able to get back to work, so everyone got plenty of time now.

and now that lockdown is easing , we can go out to enjoy the sunshine and outdoor activities.

i think we forget that actually it is a luxury to have plenty of time to spend however we like. if u think of time as money, (and how often do we hear people say time is money) than we are all very rich now. but not everyone will think so.

it shows that everything can be changed if we change the way we look at things. this is because many things in life has a dual nature, it can be a good thing, and it can also be a bad thing. take sunshine … it is a life giver, as plants use it to make food and grow. but too much of it is a killer. even water, the very stuff of life, can be bad for us if there is too much or too little of it.

in a country where water is scarce, a rich man is one who can have access to plenty of water. in the tropics, everyone is rich because water is plentiful and everywhere. it falls from the sky and is free for everyone to collect and hoard. haha.

it shows that wealth is relative. everything is relative. that might well be the mantra that defines life and maybe is the bedrock of any philosophy.

i have been thinking of time and how plentiful my life is of it when a friend emailed me recently to ask how i was and to say that he has been able to enjoy his garden as a naturist, now that the foliage has grown enough for him to be hidden from his neighbours’ windows . and i wrote back saying we both got plenty of time to spend or to waste, we are rich in that way. 

we are like rich men who can just throw their money around, we are rich in time, we can throw it around and it is only our upbringing that thinks that time must be well spent, otherwise it is a waste. 

it is also our upbringing if we think time is running out, in that the clock is running down the moment we are born, as it runs down to our deaths. so that way it means we only have a fixed amount of time to live. i guess whichever viewpoint u believe , will affect the way you conduct your life.

added. i am really glad that the change over to the new editor is quite painless, because wordpress has put in the classic editor as one of their block selections.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

3 Responses to “i got plenty of time to spend”

  1. Garfield Hug Tuesday June 2, 2020 at 4:34 am #

    I love how the pigeons are standing at attention haha! It is true what you wrote. We do not value our freedom to go where we want, when we want or how we want it till we faced Covid-19. Take care and enjoy the outside.

    • alifesgayventure Tuesday June 2, 2020 at 6:40 am #

      that picture is deceptive, it doesnot provide a measure of scale. but those birds look big and are big, they are geese i think, but i googled the picture and google could only suggest snow geese. but these are too brown. maybe they are british geese haha. or snow geese in their summer plumage.

      • Garfield Hug Tuesday June 2, 2020 at 6:42 am #

        I thought they were close up of pigeons haha. Thanks for clarifying

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