no riots here in uk , thank goodness for that.

2 Jun

london 8.08pm 23C sunny tuesday 2020

things are very peaceful here in london but not so in america where the unrest created by blacklivesmatter demonstrations and rioting and looting seem to have made life very difficult over there.

just now i got an email from a website linked to businesses in fitzrovia, a part of london centred round the post office tower , goodge st station, telling me they have been informed there will be demonstrations tomorrow at 1pm in hyde park, then on fri , sat, sunday demonstrations in trafalgar square, parliament square and the american embassy in vauxhall.

they say it is supposed to be peaceful but it might become violent. so that reminds me not to go near there.

it is unique to america, this problem #blacklivesmatter. and i hope it remains so. i cant think of any other country in the world whose black population feels so left out , or disenchanted with their adopted country like blacks in america with america. but then i dont know everything, so perhaps there is another country who have the same blacklivesmatter problem like america. if so, i would like to know it. 

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