a gentle musing of my day

3 Jun

london 4.33pm 17C it says it is raining, but not really. cloudy though. wednesday 2020

i think it is a lovely day today . though you might not think so. it’s cloudy , with dark rain clouds,  it hasn’t really started raining yet, even though the forecast is that it should be doing so about now.

i have been out earlier today, and am back now and still no hay fever symptoms at all. isn’t that great? how wonderful! so that i hope the forecast of more rain this week is true because it will mean the pollen will be reduced again.

my earlier outing was to the sainsburys to buy chicken and pork (1.7kg @£3.10/kg, cut into 5 portions to freeze) and raw frozen prawns and milkpowder. i used my nectar points  to buy £10 worth, 2000 points, the purchase of the chicken and prawns garnered me 140 points to add to my kitty, and i paid the balance £3.11 in cash. 

however, what i saved i promptly lost because i lost the £15 change that i got for the £20 note i used to pay the cash. the plastic notes are very springy and wont lie flat , and they fell out without my noticing as i was walking to the bus stop. ah well, that is life haha. whoever finds it must be fated to find it,  and i hope it made their day very pleasant. i know i always get a lot of pleasure from finding money on the pavement so i know whoever finds it will get this pleasure too.

it is 4.47pm now and i still have not had my lunch. like i have said before, the porridge oats that i had this morning for breakfast last me a long time so that i dont feel hungry even now.

i intend to stir fry half the chicken i bought,( it is only two chicken legs 500mg for £1), but half of it, ie one chicken leg is enough for a stir fried dish , with celery. and i shall eat that with rice. that will make a meal.

it is so quick and cheap to make a meal, that dish with rice is about 80p.

(added 8.02am fri 5.6.20. that meal  leftover served me for lunch yesterday, so it was actually 40p per meal. )

  i sometimes wonder why people keep saying they cannot afford to eat, or have to forego eating so that they can pay for something else. they cant all be that hopeless with budgetting surely? is there something else that i have missed. what other things they are doing or not doing that makes them run out of money like that. 

i got back in time to see the golden girls on tv. they are repeating this every weekdays, and i really enjoy seeing them. it is all new to me, as i never did catch all the episodes when they first broadcast it in the late 80s and early 90s. this episode today have the girls talking about staying up all night to watch ‘i love lucy’. another show i like too. perhaps if they show it now it might be a bit dated, but the golden girls are still very relevant even now. i realise it is the stories they tell, especially the mother and rose, which makes it so funny that i sometimes end up cant stop  chuckling all the way through the mid point break for the adverts. 

added 5.6.20. saw a episode of golden girls on thursday which showed a young george clooney, looking very handsome and italian. he was not even mentioned in the credits.

another joy i am getting is in the book i am reading now,   ancient evenings by norman mailer. or rather that i am re reading, as i have this book  bought second hand for £2 , the date i wrote on the flyleaf was 19.9.98. its a very good read and i appreciate it more now than when i first read it. its not possible to borrow this book from the library, because of its sexual content, so i am glad i bought it so long ago. i think i am beginning to understand it now more so than when i read it long ago. 


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