the wife will have the last word

5 Jun

london 8.09am 12C cloudy friday 2020

this morning i read this article by tom utley, talking about his wife wanting to sell up in london and living in the country and how he is opposed to it and i find i totally agree with him.

what i noticed , and it might not be apparent to others, is that at the end of his article, there was an ominous note, that he might end up in the country because he has surrendered to his wife’s wishes. hmm, a warning to all those married to wives, the wife will have the last word.

I have a feeling that I can’t carry on fobbing Mrs U off for much longer with a non-committal ‘hmmm’. So if my future despatches come to you from the depths of the countryside, you’ll know the reason why.


of course for all i know, all those with wives allready know this , they will be nagged till they give in; and/or dont mind the wives having the last word. haha. 

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