time may heal

6 Jun

london 11.38am 13C slight rain saturday 2020

its quite bright , even though it is supposed to be raining. no dark rain clouds above , just cloudy with the sun still able to come through.

my life is really very nice, in that i dont have anything to worry about. i am very appreciative of it, because often we forget it and not really appreciate it until bad things happen then we begin to look back on those days when we dont have any troubles and wish those days to come back. 

 i read in other people’s blogs that they  are not so good. some have health worries, others financial ones, for themselves and/or for their loved ones. and the news are full of bad things that happen. it saddens me even though i am quite stoic about things, and i know  that it should not sadden me because  there will always be others having bad things happen.

it is not often i read of nice things happening to others, so that when i do read of it , i am very glad that they have written about it and published it. so many just dont write when good things happen to them, they think it is not worth mentioning, or rather they focus a lot on the bad things.

most people do that i think. so that bad news always get written about, and good news is overlooked. but also i think a lot of us get a bit of relief, just by talking of our bad fortune. so perhaps that is another reason why people write about it.  it is like therapy, talking about it , even if it is only to our readers, can make us feel a little bit better, as the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. (or something like that, or have i made that up?)

anyway i do know that talking of it does help, and blogs are very good for that, as it allows us to talk about it without wearing the patience of our friends, or family who may hear it from us too often. so i say to us bloggers, do let it out and talk of what troubles you. we will understand and sympathise and hope that just talking of it in your blog makes it more bearable.

and i think there are some troubles you just have to wait it out, and endure as there is no cure. time sometimes cures it, as some things  will pass with time. if it helps we are all sending good healing thoughts to you. 

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