the thames at low tide

7 Jun

london 12.11pm 18C sunny sunday 2020

i thought i shall go across to vauxhall to the tesco there to buy egg noodles which they have reduced to 75p 300mg. but i mistimed it. i went at about 10am , just when it opens, and that is not good, as there was a long queue of people waiting to get in. so i turned tail and came back as i just dont have the patience to wait in the queue. 

but at least i got some pictures of the thames at low tide. the river was still flowing towards the sea, even when i was coming back,  so the tide was still going out. 

added. 3.10pm cloudy 17C

all that talk of noodles make me hungry for noodles , so i made one for lunch. stir fried egg noodle with some gem lettuce and soyasauce pork i had left over.  

its very delicious , even though i say it myself. its nice to be able to cook, so i can make this dish whenever i feel like it, rather than have to rely on another person to cook it, or to rely on food outlets to buy from. 

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